What's DM

DM is the shortened term for Deathmatch. The key to DM is to run rampage around the city to get frags (kills). You must try to eliminate all your opponents. You may choose to team up with anyone to help you make those frags, or frag a specific skin, or indeed team up with your own DM clan to achieve the highest amount of frags, for the clan.

Ankeborg’s Community Deathmatch incorporates all that and more. While DM can be defined as fragging anyone you so choose, there will be DM games available too. These games will have specific guidelines as to who and when you may shoot, which the script will explain upon activation. All players that participate in the game must adhere to these guidelines, or face the possibility of a kick or a ban. Furthermore, players that are not participating in the game should keep back and not attempt to frag participating players, or again you could be facing the possibility of a kick or a ban.

Remember: This is a loosely fun game, and it’s for you the RP community to come and shake some bootay! Let’s play by the few simple rules and just keep it real.